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Own The Resus

A video on how to nail resuscitation

I made it more than a decade ago but the concepts haven’t changed even if it looks a bit dated

Should you WORRY about a WELL looking patient with mild hypotension?

Three minutes on When Not to Worry using the 'Four Ws'

Cardiac arrest airway management issue:

How a LUCAS mechanical CPR device can move the hinged screen of a CMAC Videolaryngoscope in a relatively short patient unless head positioning is optimised

We use arterial lines during cardiac arrest to guide vasoactive therapy to optimise coronary perfusion

This study provides data to guide paediatric resus
DBP> 25 mm Hg for infants & > 30 mm Hg for older children associated with higher rates of survival

For me this is as complex as it gets in retrieval medicine. VA ECMO, COVID, & multi organ failure in the back of a helicopter reminds me of my personal PHRM principles

Remember your basics.
Do them well.
You are never alone.

Seven & a half years ago John Hinds knocked everyone's socks off with Crack the Chest Get Crucified in Chicago

Remembering John & his family at Christmas

Always reminded to keep our intentions honourable

Your inspiration is immortal mate


As we close in on the final weeks of December (only 11 days to go 😲) we wanted to reflect on what a year it has been and share a month by month mashup of all that we've done. Thank you to our community for always being our biggest supporters.

Expressions of interest for the 2023 Clinician Educator Incubator are open!

If you want to develop your potential as a Clinician Educator by joining a community of practice of interprofessional critical care clinicians get your EOI in by Feb 10th 2023.

This reflects our experience too @SydneyHEMS

NIBP becomes a random number generator in very hypovolaemic patients

So many arguments now for femoral arterial access in severely ill patients - both in trauma & medical illness

For central monitoring & endovascular resuscitation

@resuscitology @SydneyHEMS @airwaycam For more on paediatric airways - as well as loads of other critical care tips, tricks and gems - why not join us in Bunbury, WA next March?

Something that comes up @resuscitology regularly is paediatric airway management, particularly in major trauma - so here's a short thread 🧵 with the way I think about it. This is for you particularly if you *aren’t* a paediatric anaesthetist…!

iGel thread which should be of use to first responders and EMS providers, emergency department and ICU staff, and even novice anaesthetists

Remember when you admit a patient with ROSC post CPR, as well as their medical condition you are also admitting a patient with significant thoracic trauma

HT ⁦@precordialthump⁩

Regardless of who intubates in your ED all EM clinicians should have a clear understanding of certain anaesthetic drugs and approaches to intubation like RSI

This is covered in detail on the Critical Care in the Emergency Department course
London 9 Dec

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