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Just like #Resuscitology 1&2, #Resuscitology3 is dedicated to the memory of @DocJohnHinds
Happy birthday for yesterday, John. #Delta7

If you're in Sydney still on Sat 30th March after #SMACC we have a growing line-up of great facilitators and participants at the Resuscitology one day course.

@ashleyliebig and @drbear13 will be joining @_NMay @precordialthump @drgeoffhealy @karelhabig

Looks like a great course. Stars @_NMay @cliffreid @precordialthump @karelhabig @drgeoffhealy ! Straight after #SMACC.

Staying on for a few days post #SMACC or feeling the Fomo because you’re not going and need a distraction - check out @resuscitology from @cliffreid @karelhabig @_NMay @drgeoffhealy

If you want to learn more about critical life saving procedures, come to this course.

Register now for #Resuscitology3 - Saturday 30th March

Join @_NMay @precordialthump @HawkmoonHEMS @drgeoffhealy @karelhabig @HanrahanLibby & @cliffreid for a day of Resuscitation Education at Resuscitology on March 30th, after #SMACC

..and here's a PDF for your ED/ICU/OR/Rural GP noticeboards

Crowd control is an issue with many resuscitations.

Consider appointing a Resus Marshal.

A dialysis patient is crashing. He's hypotensive but the ICU docs are busy. He arrests. There are too many people. Is he conscious during CPR? The patient's family is here.

Another challenging case unpacked at Resuscitology, this time by @cliffreid

Now a One Day Course Saturday 30th March

Optimise yourself
Optimise your team
Resuscitation Cases Deep Dive

Focus on up to date resuscitation, human factors, and wellbeing.

Immediately post- #SMACC

If you came to #Resuscitology2, your postcard is on the way! And if you didn’t, join us at #Resuscitology3 - register now at

Don't trust peripheral arterial lines in critically ill patients on high dose inopressors #oldiebutgoodie

Seeking a flow state.
Setting and achieving goals.
Doing something non-work related.
Having fun.

Nice to see @cliffreid practicing what he 'preaches' in his Sustainability in Resuscitation talk on the #Resuscitology course.

Something for everyone here:

If you're attending #smacc keep the buzz going by attending Resuscitology on 30-31 March

If you're not attending #smacc then lessen the blow and avoid the #FOAMO by attending Resuscitology on 30-31 March

The great thing about @resuscitology is you get to learn from heart-breaking and clinically challenging cases like this, in collaboration with supportive colleagues in a psychologically safe environment - then reset by playing beach volleyball or doing keepy-uppies 👍😎👍

@resuscitology @precordialthump Thats the first time I've ever seen someone address how to break bad news over the phone. Because you really do have to sometimes.

Thank you for the tips

So many clinical and human factors learning points from this tragic and difficult emergency medicine scenario.

Read the case description and consider your team's approach to the challenges before reading the comprehensive discussion by @precordialthump

Great article by @ResusPadawan , @HumanFact0rz about developing Situation Awareness in Critical Care! @resuscitology @BestuurNVSHA @ToResus @RRG_Edinburgh @resuscitation @AnesthCritCare @CritCareReviews @Crit_Care @emerge_research @epmonthly @emergencypdx

Resuscitology: learning, connection, and positive change

Love Resuscitation? Want a career that lasts? We’ll talk about that too, at #Resuscitology3, 30th and 31st March - register now at

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