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By far the coolest certificate I received. And an a-ma-zing course: I highly recommended @resuscitology to everyone who takes care of critical patients! Thanks to the stellar faculty @cliffreid @karelhabig @_NMay @precordialthump @drgeoffhealy

Zero Point Survey - STEP UP Mnemonic via @cliffreid:

#FOAMed #Meded images made searchable:

"zero point survey" ->

Learnings from @resuscitology:
Know what you need to know. Plus the next step.
The cure for imposter syndrome is brutal honesty.
Some shifts are one milkshake shifts. Some are three.
A massive thank you @cliffreid @_NMay @precordialthump @drgeoffhealy

I loved today’s ⁦@resuscitology⁩
So much connection from nurses, paramedics and doctors from six continents (USA, Brazil, UK, Netherlands, Ireland, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).
Messages: care for yourself, prioritise, reflect, improve, work on culture

So many important discussions at #Resuscitology3, but perhaps the MOST controversial - which goes on the scone first, jam or cream? #ThereIsARightAnswer #Fika #Resuscitology

The challenges of being friends with the brilliant minds of @resuscitology include having to think harder about what you think to be true, push further and never settle. They are equal parts frustrating and awesome... ok they are mostly awesome, but now I have more work to do!!

What does a bamboo stick have to do with better resuscitation? Our participants find out at #Resuscitology3 #Resuscitology


Register by tomorrow morning for Resuscitology if you want to join us in Manly on Saturday for deep resus case discussion and resus-related fun & games after #SMACC with @precordialthump
@_NMay @drgeoffhealy @cliffreid @karelhabig @ashleyliebig and more

Just like #Resuscitology 1&2, #Resuscitology3 is dedicated to the memory of @DocJohnHinds
Happy birthday for yesterday, John. #Delta7

If you're in Sydney still on Sat 30th March after #SMACC we have a growing line-up of great facilitators and participants at the Resuscitology one day course.

@ashleyliebig and @drbear13 will be joining @_NMay @precordialthump @drgeoffhealy @karelhabig

Looks like a great course. Stars @_NMay @cliffreid @precordialthump @karelhabig @drgeoffhealy ! Straight after #SMACC.

Staying on for a few days post #SMACC or feeling the Fomo because you’re not going and need a distraction - check out @resuscitology from @cliffreid @karelhabig @_NMay @drgeoffhealy

Join @_NMay @precordialthump @HawkmoonHEMS @drgeoffhealy @karelhabig @HanrahanLibby & @cliffreid for a day of Resuscitation Education at Resuscitology on March 30th, after #SMACC

..and here's a PDF for your ED/ICU/OR/Rural GP noticeboards

A dialysis patient is crashing. He's hypotensive but the ICU docs are busy. He arrests. There are too many people. Is he conscious during CPR? The patient's family is here.

Another challenging case unpacked at Resuscitology, this time by @cliffreid

Now a One Day Course Saturday 30th March

Optimise yourself
Optimise your team
Resuscitation Cases Deep Dive

Focus on up to date resuscitation, human factors, and wellbeing.

Immediately post- #SMACC

If you came to #Resuscitology2, your postcard is on the way! And if you didn’t, join us at #Resuscitology3 - register now at

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