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Airway cases are a major component of Resuscitology course case discussions, and these results are why @karelhabig outlines the @SydneyHEMS approach to airway management on the course

Great video on shock assessment that shows some more advanced ultrasound applications that many of us may not be familiar with but regardless the concepts are a lovely way to think about diagnosing undifferentiated shock in the resus room

Still places available. If we're over the current pandemic surge, these will be lovely chilled places to unwind together and remind ourselves why we do this

We’re still buzzing from #Resuscitology9 this week. What a privilege it is to get together with doctor, nurse and paramedic colleagues - and to chat through the big stuff (and the small stuff too).
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Acute intensive care unit resuscitation of severely injured ... : Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Crystalloids in severe trauma ICU patients not good.

Combatting ischemia reperfusion injury from resuscitative... : Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Animal study of decreasing reperfusion injury in REBOA.

Are rib fractures stable? An analysis of progressive rib... : Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery Rib fractures are a common cause of morbidity in trauma- this paper looks at predictors of progressive fracture offset.

Resuscitology course in Manly 22/23 March 2022, places are filling up. Bring yourself and your challenging cases.

If there was a big multi-centre double blind randomised controlled trial of INITIAL metaraminol vs norepinephrine / noradrenaline in septic shock, do you think there would be a difference in mortality? Can add / crossover if unable to reach MAP target.
@precordialthump @DogICUma

Your FAST is +ve for peritoneal free fluid in a hypotensive blunt trauma patient with liver disease & suspected ascites.

Consider a diagnostic peritoneal aspirate as a high yield rule-in test

Schellenberg M et al Contemporary utility of DPA in trauma

Need pulmonary vasodilatation in your sick pulmonary hypertension patient, but don’t want to dump the BP?
Consider nebulising your GTN/milrinone: (thanks, @emcrit @PulmCrit!) #FOAMed #FOAMped #Resuscitology

Airway case discussions with videoed laryngoscopies. The pulmonary oedema in paediatric drowning keeps coming.

Airway is a major focus on the Resuscitology course

A beautiful CMAC video. It shows the visual representation of the 'clicks' you feel when the coudé tip of the bougie bounces over the tracheal rings, like a kid dragging a stick along a picket fence.

Deep dive into optimising Team Flow with @cliffreid on the Resuscitology course, where human factors comprise much of the interactive curriculum

Gamifying Resuscitation. Teams of resus nurses and doctors race to match treatments to multiple bleeding patients with limited resources. Who's going to get the cryoprecipitate?

Learning is fun on the Resuscitology course

If coming into a crisis situation - what do you do?
How to apprise the situation & use fresh eyes?



When the sh*t gets real. PEM physician & neonatal retrievalist @_NMay guides this real life case discussion as everyone quietly checks their underwear

Human factors, systems solutions and the gnarliest clinical scenarios - that's the Resuscitology Course

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