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5 years ago today @DocJohnHinds left us. John, you are and always will be present as we strive to always improve and eke out better care for our patients. #delta7

@resuscitology courses 2020 are open for registration. Manly Oct 20/21 Manly, Brisbane Nov 17/18. Deep dive resuscitation case discussions. To register:


COVID-19 miniRAGE with Hicks and Brindley • LITFL

Rapid fire round robin COVID-19 discussion between ⁦@HumanFact0rz⁩ and ⁦@docpgb⁩ - enjoy! #foamed #foamcc #foamcovid

@codebluenursey @resuscitology Totally agree. Loved receiving mine.

I have shamelessly stolen the idea for teaching sessions and courses I give now! Low cost and great impact.

Received my @resuscitology postcard back and today I read it again..

Can we do this more often? There’s something wonderful about writing the little reminders you need on self development and getting it a few months later as a check up!

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) • LITFL

UPDATED with new ANZ guidelines and new literature ranging from neuro complications to cardiac arrest, and more!

#covid #covid19 #covid-19 #foamcovid #FOAMcc #FOAMed

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) • LITFL

Bumper Critical Care Compendium entry, from an ANZ #critcare perspective

#covid19 #covid-19 #foamed #foamcc #foamcovid

I think some of the #COVID post-intubation hypotension seen might be because patients are dry on presentation and have compliant lungs. More of the peep transmits to the circulation when lungs are compliant, so bigger than expected decrease in venous return. #COVID-19

Now seems a good time to post out our spaces repetition learning postcards to all who attended @resuscitology in Manchester last year.

Lots of great ideas very relevant to the situation with #covid19


This collection of resources from the ⁦@intensiveblog⁩ ICU team at ⁦@AlfredHealth⁩ is really shaping up! Please share widely.

#FOAMed #FOAMcc #FOAMcovid #COVID #covid19 #covid_19

3D printed connector to allow filter to be inserted into portable suction unit. One of many solutions from the amazing brain of @karelhabig

Curious what we are up to at Sydney Hems? Here is a glimpse on our website. Busily training our teams and planning for supporting the people of NSW through this pandemic.

COVID-19 precautions during Code Blue on the wards - Alfred ICU guideline - INTENSIVE

#covid19 #foamed #FOAMcc

Intubation of #COVID19 Patients

We are sharing our resources in the hope that some of the ideas and processes will be of use to other units who don’t yet have systems fully in place.

**Please read the rest of the thread first**

Endorsed by @anzics
@CICMANZ @acemonline
Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA), NZ Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA),
Australian College of Perianaesthesia Nurses (ACPAN),
NZ Anaesthetic Technicians' Society (NZATS),
Western Australia Airway Group (WAAG) #FOAMed #covid19

All Resuscitology courses are on hold for now due to the pandemic.

We need to limit spread, and be there to support our teams and serve our communities.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Soiled airway fun - @karelhabig teaches the @SydneyHEMS approach including the SALAD technique by @jducanto at our first Resuscitology course

Join us for one or two days in Manly next month 7-8 April

Resuscitology UK Registration is on hold for now. If things change for the better, we will run the course. Impossible to predict how things will be in May but appropriate to be cautious.

Australian events going ahead. Being optimistic but realistic regarding UK.

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