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-Spatiotemporal analysis of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in the City of Los Angeles, 2011–2019.
Really interesting study!!

A proposed classification for CPR-related cognitive activity, consciousness, awareness and recall

To ventilate or not to ventilate during bystander CPR – A EuReCa TWO analysis

PAMPering the brain. Maybe prehospital plasma is beneficial in traumatic brain injury.

Survival from OHCA in USA decreased in 2019 during coronavirus pandemic.

There's sometimes a lack of urgency in getting Type A aortic dissection without tamponade, severe AR or stroke to definitive management. Think of it as a grenade, with the pin removed, hasn't exploded yet and you can't find the pin.

These are the kinds of challenging cases that are discussed in depth at the Resuscitology Course.

The @zeropointsurvey is a fundamental component of our case analyses on the Resuscitology course. Here @cliffreid discusses its role on prehospital care, but it applies equally in ED, ICU, OT, cardiac cath lab and anywhere resuscitation may be required

Resuscitology Course Manly Oct 2021
Digging deep into effective resuscitation tactics, for all frontline healthcare professionals

Our latest podcast, with ⁦@HanrahanLibby⁩ and ⁦@_NMay⁩ on Prehospital Care, is now available on Apple Podcasts. Listen here:

New podcast! @_NMay and @HanrahanLibby chat about Prehospital Care
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More rationale behind COACHRED- echo during cardiac arrest management. Quantitative Characterization of Left Ventricular Function During Pulseless Electrical Activity Using Echocardiography During Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

Impact of US hospital center and interhospital transfer on... : Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. Crucial to have pathways to get TSCI patients to definitive centre ASAP.

2000 trauma patients undergoing RSI- haemodynamic effects of etomidate, propofol, ketamine. No difference. However, patients not shocked to begin with.

In an organized resuscitation, the primary survey is preceded by a series of steps to optimize self, team and environmental preparation: the @zeropointsurvey, by Hicks and Petro at #resusTO




Resuscitology case discussion evening at our hospital aimed to further improve team spirit between ED and prehospital staff. Delighted to receive this feedback. Would strongly recommend combined ED/paramedic education events. If you're not doing it already, why not?

@ruralparamedic1 @cliffreid out this patient, I need to know we are all on the same page, have I missed anything?. Pause points with summaries, findings and intentions work well for me. And finally...the noisier and chaotic things get, the quieter I speak....others have to stop talking to hear you!

@ruralparamedic1 @cliffreid I come from a place of knowing I’ll need every person in the room or on scene on the one team. I introduce myself. I ask names and roles. I use clean, clear and simple language. ‘I’ statements work well for me - I need you to stay here as I need your help..., I’m very worried abo

Cryoprecipitate attenuates endothelial cell permeability and junctional compromise induced by thrombin in vitro in a dose-dependent fashion in haemorrhagic shock.

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