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Does #REBOA increase survival rates?

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Brilliant opportunity for clinician educators. Learn, make friends and connections, create stuff...
Yet another high impact initiative from ⁦@precordialthump⁩
And a faculty dream team.

ANZCEN Clinician Educator Incubator • LITFL

Pushing the boundaries of resuscitation medicine: transoesophageal echo during cardiac arrest. One day course in Sydney, March 5, 2020. Places going fast!

Be at the forefront.

Resuscitology UK course review and key learning points.
St Emlyn's #FOAMed #Virchester @_nmay @cliffreid @nickharveysmith @iceman_ex @cap1llary

Reflecting on yesterday in Manchester with @resuscitology course with faculty @EMManchester @cliffreid @_NMay et al.

Lots covered and some interesting concepts and thoughtful discussions had.

Great to catch up with @_Oliver_Kirby, @HaldenHB and @doccarrie amongst other friends.

@cliffreid @EMManchester @iceman_ex @resuscitology @zeropointsurvey Thanks for a fantastic day of learning, sharing and great conversations #Resuscitology

[email protected] great day folks. Learnt lots and was inspired by the faculty and my colleagues (& hopefully future emergency medicine family - applications pending). Lots of takeaways. Thanks and safe travels @EMManchester @cliffreid @iceman_ex @_NMay @NickHarveySmith and Hilary

Was so engrossed with the #resuscitologyuk course that had no time to tweet!!
Thank you @cliffreid @iceman_ex @EMManchester @_NMay @cap1llary for a brilliant day of learning and fun games 😃


Good debate on family presence during perimortum section at #resuscitology Manchester with
@resuscitology @cliffreid @EMManchester @_NMay @Cap1llary @iceman_ex

@resuscitology was an absolute blast! Massive thanks to the faculty - my brain is more stuffed than a Christmas turkey. Ace to rub shoulders with medics, nurses and paramedics from the NW and beyond too! #artandscience #critcare #ED #prehospital

@aroradrn @SJaneBernal @DrLindaDykes @trjparke @parthaskar @jopo899 @WhistlingDixie4 @psirides And it came up again at @resuscitology just now in the concept of the “sustainable resuscitationist”

Anyone suggesting terms and conditions don’t affect our ability to deliver effective care is lying.

Summary Sketchnote from session 2 (airways) & 3 (disagreements)at #resuscitology Manchester (Cliff checked my spelling this time!)
@resuscitology @cliffreid @EMManchester @_NMay @Cap1llary @iceman_ex

Paediatric hypoglycaemia - an old post but still relevant! #Resuscitology7 @_NMay

Five reasons to intubate your patient in ED
1) Airway: maintenance, protection
2) Breathing: oxygenation, ventilation
3) Circulation: shock
4) Disability: GCS (an airway issue!), agitation, seizures
5) Expected clinical course
#Resuscitology7 @cliffreid

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