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So tomorrow is the SUPER EXCITING @resuscitology in Manchester.

This is going to be fabulous. Great cases, great chat and super venue. Come open minded, engaged and ready to be challenged (in a nice way).

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#brutalhonesty the #cure for #impostersyndrome

I’m no surgeon but this is increasingly my approach to rural GP - respectful of pt #autonomy and medical ethics #nonmaleficence #beneficence

(Stolen from ping @cliffreid #resuscitology )



Cliff is awesome.

Looking forward to joining in - and learning- from him at @resuscitology in Manchester.

Great 2 days teaching and learning at the sight, limb and life saving procedures course at UTS. @STRESScourse. Limited places left for 2020:

You can look at all the CMAC videos from Sydney HEMs intubations and get invaluable experience at what you might see!


Human Factors/Communication tips:
Zero point survey- STEP UP.

Graded Assertiveness and Speaking up.

Hot debrief- STOP



Great couple of days at #resusitology. Thank you to @cliffreid @precordialthump @HawkmoonHEMS @_NMay @karelhabig @drgeoffhealy. I'm going to take away a lot from the course. I'll try summarise some of the things I learned over the next few tweets! #FOAMed

Elevated lactate? @cliffreid takes us through the simplified metabolic pathway and the causes at #Resuscitology6 - more here #FOAMed

Thank you 🙏🏽 to everyone at #resuscitology

Inclusive, innovative, diverse AND fun. HIGHLY recommend to @ACRRM @RVTSgpTRAINING @patgiddings

Also the very definition of safe to join in - no one even laughed at me kicking a ball at lunch.


We all feel it when it's good and we all feel it when it's bad. Think about how you and your colleagues influence 'team affect'.

Resus tips and games on the beach from @cliffreid and @HawkmoonHEMS at the @Resuscitology course in Manly.

Still places on next week's course but going fast!

20-21 November (one day options available) in Melbourne


Amazing. @HawkmoonHEMS and I offer to facilitate a [email protected] resus case discussion evening and invite the ED nurses to organise it. In 6 days about 50 people have signed up. This is how much our team love learning and improving.

And still places left for 20-21 Nov in Melbourne (one or two days)

Our @resuscitology faculty overlap in expertise, but have particular 'powers':
@karelhabig - prehospital/retrieval
@_NMay - paediatrics
@drgeoffhealy - anaesthesia
@HawkmoonHEMS - trauma / EM
@precordialthump - intensive care

Honoured to learn from them

Okay, we admit. People tell us this doesn't really look like a normal resuscitation course.


As a child of the 80s, @HawkmoonHEMS is big fan of robotic dancing. But can you do it on just one side of the body? Here he demonstrates the 'hemi-robot' at the @resuscitology course

More moves on offer in Melbourne on 20-21 Nov - still some places left

Team haemorrhage control game against the clock at @resuscitology

Still places on the Melbourne course 20-21 Nov

If you're a paramedic, nurse, or doctor and want a taste of this type of learning, along with comprehensive expert discussion on a range of resuscitation topics, come along!

Final course this year is Nov 20-21 in Melbourne. Join us for 1 or 2 days

23 days til #Resuscitology6 in Melbourne and still time to join us! Nurse/Paramedic/Doctor/Student? We’d love to have you along. Register now at

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