Different rates apply to medical specialists. Non-specialist doctors and doctors in training, nurses and paramedics, are eligible for the ‘non-specialist’ rate.

2022 prices are in Australian dollars:

Specialist Registration Fees

  • 2- day registration    $1650 (incl GST)  
  •  1 – day registration   $825 (incl GST)

Non- Specialist Registration Fees

  • 2-day registration   $700 (incl GST) 
  •  1-day registration   $375 (incl GST) 

One and two day courses for resuscitationists in Australia.

Faculty includes specialists in adult and paediatric emergency medicine, trauma, intensive care, anaesthesia, and critical care paramedicine.

Emphasis on deep discussion of Resuscitation cases with focus on optimal up to date clinical resuscitation, leadership and human factors, wellness and sustainability.

Beautiful venues and time for fresh air, games, practical tips, fun, and delicious catering.

Here’s what other participants have said:

“I never felt as though we left things unanswered”

“Every single aspect was of value to me personally and professionally”

“So open and friendly”

“Kept me engaged and challenged throughout”

“Saw medical and teamwork problems through a different lens”

“I loved that we spoke about human factors, career, and the topics beyond the clinical management of our patients”

“I learnt about what sort of person and professional I want to be. What sort of team I want to help build and be part of (some really great ideas on this!). How to prepare better and perform better during resus. “

Experience the Art & Science of Resuscitation.

Experience Resuscitology.

$750 for two days for non-specialist doctors and other health professionals ($375 for one day)

$1650 for specialists ($825 for one day)



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Previous Courses:


March 28-29, Bunbury, Western Australia


November 15-16, Manly Beach, New South Wales

October 16-17, Noosa, Queensland

May 31-June 1, Blue Mountains, New South Wales

March 22 – 23, Manly Beach, New South Wales


October 26 -27, Manly Beach, New South Wales


March 30th, Manly Beach, New South Wales
September 11-12, Santiago, Chile
October 22-23,  Manly Beach, New South Wales 
November 20-21 Melbourne, Victoria

December 14, Manchester, UK


May 9-10, Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
November 15-16, Manly Beach, New South Wales

details to follow


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Have a case you think we should discuss at Resuscitology?

We base the course on cases submitted by our participants. Please ensure patient details are removed and send your case to us here.  

We read all case submissions and while we might not reply to you directly, we really appreciate you taking the time to share your case with us. 

The art and science of saving lives