From our first Resuscitology course in May 2018

I thought the resuscitology course was exceptional! I have talked about it and promoted it to many others and the course has been the best thing I have done this year.

We really went into the in-depth discussions on key aspects of some incredibly challenging resus cases and asked questions from each other that I have been wanting to ask for ages. We covered the basics but also pushed the envelope on some cutting-edge resus without forgetting the practical aspects of how you would actually practically do this in real clinical practice.

But it was more than just the learning and education, it was a great opportunity to meet other like-minded resuscitationists, to share stories and knowledge, to discuss the challenges of our job, our wins and fails, and to kick a ball around, have a beer whilst getting to know new people!

Also for me personally, it was also an opportunity to share a case that I had difficulty with. I had been agonising over this case for a while (with little sleep) but never really discussed it, so it was incredibly cathartic to go through and pick apart as well as being incredibly humbling to have such a show of support and compassion from my colleagues in the room when things were getting a bit emotional!

I will definitely do this course again and recommend it to others.

Matt Oliver, Emergency Physician

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