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Early bird registration ends 30th September

Come and connect. Discuss the 'juiciest' resus cases with @precordialthump @_NMay @drgeoffhealy @karelhabig @HawkmoonHEMS and @cliffreid

Go to the beach with them too!

In infants with bronchiolitis who need oxygen therapy, high flow oxygen therapy is well tolerated and can be delivered in the ward setting. In an RCT about 1% went on to require intubation.

During CPR, drugs are likely to reach the heart significantly faster when delivered through a humeral intraosseous than through a brachial vein

Tranexamic acid did not improve functional outcome in adults with stroke due to intracerebral haemorrhage

An intensivist, a paramedic, and an emergency physician skipping together.

That was Resuscitology 1.

Just wait for Resuscitology 2!
Nov 15-15, Manly

Registration now open for Resuscitology 2

Nov 15-16 in Manly, NSW

@_NMay is a retrieval physician with @SydneyHEMS she is also my mentor and dear friend. She has a giant and kind heart, is wise beyond her years and humble despite her brilliant mind. She’s a pillar of the #FOAMed movement and gives selflessly to education. #ThisWomanRocks

Inter hospital RSI demo - @cliffreid and CCP Cannon highlight the zero point survey, simultaneous activity, clear polite communication, sharing the mental model and excellence in clinical care

Join a grassroots interprofessional clinician educators network that will create the future of ANZ critical care education... starting with a free-to-attend Unconference in Adelaide, 10th October 2018!

Important consideration for all Resuscitologists: how to work sustainably and still develop as a clinician. @cliffreid tackles this tough topic on the Resuscitology Course

@precordialthump @resuscitology My mate @davebergie was blown away. Definitely on the wish list

Look out for the @resuscitology course Nov 15/16 - feedback on the first course was outstanding, the next one will be even better!

Had a great time at @resuscitology made some great connections and was truly inspired. 10/10 would go again! Felt a bit like this getting up for work this morning though...

Fantastic having you as part of the Paramedic Resuscitologist group Jake

Thanks @cliffreid and the @resuscitology faculty for a fabulous two days. And thanks to all the attendees for taking it a ‘’STEP UP” from the norm for crit care conferences/gatherings

Thank you @resuscitology it's been one of the best 'conferences'* I've been to!

*Was it a conference?.. it felt more like hanging out with mates

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