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Sub-team communication flow analysed during a resus case review by @HawkmoonHEMS who couldn't be having more fun.

More of this on March 30/31, straight after #SMACC

Up to 10J/kg can be used to defibrillate refractory VF in children according to the AHA guideline

Registration now open for post- #SMACC Resuscitology for those that have the energy!

Magnesium is commonly used to treat torsades de pointes (polymorphic VT associated with long QT), but it actually acts to prevent the re-initiation of torsades rather than to pharmacologically convert polymorphic VT.

This feedback today made the @resuscitology team happy. Looking forward to the next course, straight after #SMACC

Resuscitology #3 will be in Manly on 30/31 March 2019, straight after #SMACC

Registration available next week


Resuscitology #3 will be in Manly on 30/31 March 2019, straight after #SMACC

Registration available next week


Atentos! @resuscitology se viene a Chile como parte de @ConceptosUC
Guarden la fecha!!
@PabloEMDR @allanmix @precordialthump @cliffreid @FacMedicinaUC @EMRAPGO

This is a big part of what we do on the @resuscitology course, and a reason why it is so successful

cc @cliffreid

The ingredients of an optimal resuscitation aren't created in the resus room.
@cliffreid on the layers behind an optimal resuscitation

#Resuscitology #Resuscitology2

Stop the Bleeder - teams match haemorrhage control resources to case vignettes to stop as much bleeding as possible at #Resuscitology2


“The patient doesn’t care how good a clinician you are - they only care how well the team performs.” Wisdom from @karelhabig as he talks about Building the Team at #Resuscitology2

#Resuscitology is dedicated to the memory of @DocJohnHinds. As we discuss the case of a sick young patient with metastatic cancer, the question “are your intentions honourable?” is at the heart of our conversations #Resuscitology2


Striving for personal excellence - inspiration from @_NMay

“My favourite resus case ever” - story by @karelhabig at #Resuscitology2

Now it’s the turn of @precordialthump to share “My favourite resus case”

Last minute preparations for #Resuscitology2 in Manly - establishing an airway for @HawkmoonHEMS

Final preparation the for the in-depth resuscitation case discussions next week at the @resuscitology in Manly. It's like archaeology, the closer you get, the finer the brush strokes and the finer the detail that emerges.

I will personally pay for the attendance of one nurse or paramedic at next week's Resuscitology course, including dinner and accommodation.

DM me a tough resus case you've dealt with and why you'd like to discuss it.

Thu 15/Fri 16 November in Manly NSW

"Keep doing what you're doing.
I love that you shared your own personal stories
I love how approachable the faculty were and how they really made an effort to mingle with the participants.
Not sure how you can improve”

Feedback from Resuscitology #1

Resuscitology #2 next week.

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