The Course

A two-day course for resuscitationists in Australia.

A different course. Personal. Tailored. Intense in parts. Fun throughout. But be prepared to go deep.

Your faculty have dedicated their lives to saving the lives of others, and to teaching resuscitation medicine in the most engaging and effective ways possible.

Their clinical practice spans prehospital care through retrieval medicine to inhospital emergency medicine, operating room anaesthesia, and intensive care. From tertiary level premature neonatal resuscitation to rural geriatric trauma. From compassionate palliation to aggressive ECMO.

They have run courses and conferences all over the world for thousands of people. Their blogs and podcasts have been accessed by hundreds of thousands of clinicians.

But this course has everything they want to teach, and how they want to teach it. All together, in one room. Sharing and analysing their toughest cases AND YOURS. Striving to do better, learning from their collective experience and the best and latest evidence. And not stopping when the sun goes down. Dining together in the evening and discussing, connecting, analysing and postulating among friends into the night.

Stay overnight and wake up to the fresh air of the best venues Australia has to offer, from Mountains to Beaches. Have breakfast and resume the deep case discussions for a second day. Go home not just with new knowledge but new know-how, refreshed and inspired to make positive changes to how you approach your work and your learning.

The Faculty will be with you for two days and one evening (until late) sharing everything you can or want to extract from them in all areas of resuscitation.

Experience the Art & Science of Resuscitation.

Experience Resuscitology.

May 9-10 Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
November 15-16 Manly Beach, New South Wales

March 30-31 Manly Beach, New South Wales
June 18-19 Fairmont Resort, Blue Mountains, New South Wales
September 11-12, Santiago, Chile
October 22-23 Manly Beach, New South Wales
November 5-6 Melbourne
November 19-20 Manly Beach, New South Wales


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The art and science of saving lives